Answer Key


A Blue Pencil

II. A3, B4, C2, D5, E1

V. B1, D2, E3, A4, C5

A Girl and a Wheelchair

II. A3, B4, C5, D7, E1, F6, G2

V. Answers vary.Here are some suggestions:1. Although she has lots of friends, I am still her best friend. 2. Since she had surgery, she can walk and dance.3. When Anna said unkind things to Olga, she became angry.4. When I observed her, she laughed at the same jokes.

A Long Hard Journey to Somewhere

IIa. A4, B1, C5, D3, E2

A Story about Natasha

V. 1. They will swim in the sea. 2. They will run up to Natasha. 3. They will congratulate her.

A Strange Boy V. 1B, 2D, 3E, 4C , 5A

Always First

II. 1. envy, 2. secrets, 3. various, 4. betrayed, 5. competition

An Unusual Friendship

II. 1b, 2c, 3a, 4c, 5a

Apologizing Isn't a Weakness

II. A4, B6, C3, D5, E1, F2

Be Better Than They Think You Are

V. 1. Were they welcomed by the teacher? 2. Were the girls whispering? 3. Did they think that their clothes were old-fashioned?4. Don't country teens know about fashion?5. Did Alicia and Valentin pay attention to the talk?

Being an Emo

II. 1. lifestyle, 2. advised, 3. supported, 4. surprised, 5. solution


V. 1. He is calling me УbotanicФ. 2. She is laughing at him. 3. I am studying English. 4. I am going to the library.

Bulat and Basketball

V. 1. Bulat is sitting alone in the classroom. 2. I am walking to the back of the room.3. We are living near each other.4. Bulat is proving to be a strong player.5. He is teaching the other boys some basketball tricks.

Cruelty Problem

II. A3, B1, C2, D4

Don't Pass By the Person Who Is in Need

I. 3

Dream Team

II. 1. allow, 2. occasion, 3. gather, 4. ignored, 5. determination

First Step to Friendship

II. A3, B4, C1, D5, E2

Friends Forever

II. 1. acquainted, 2. teasing, 3. betray, 4. complain, 5. mean, 6 pretended

Good Friends Are the Best Medicine

I. 2 V. 1. My mother will call the doctor. 2. The girls will come to the hospital3. My temperature will go down.4. My parents will take me to the hospital.

How I Changed My Opinion about a Person

II. 1. remarks, 2. teased, 3. complained, 4. nationality, 5. constantly

How to Get Along with Classmates

II. 1. peers, 2. weak, 3. mutual, 4. respect, 5. solve, 6. district

Incredible Shorty

V. 1. She is playing volleyball every day. 2. The other players are talking about her.3. We are giving lessons to small children.4. She is sitting on the bench and watching me.

It's OK to be Different

I. 3

My Dagestan

I. 1 II. 1. vacant, 2. elderly, 3. republics, 4. independently, 5. hospitality, 6. tourist

My Savior

IIa. 1. pretty, 2. friendly, 3. quiet, 4. normal

My Second Home

I. 2

My Younger Sister

IV. 1. Nina was the younger sister. 2. The boys were ruder to her. 3. They said it was sillier to say something.4. My sister thinks I am more trustworthy.5. They must be more tolerant toward her.

Never Satisfied

I. 2

New Girl

V. 1. They are scared of us. 2. They don't like him. 3. They know French better.

No Borders Between Friends

I. 2 II. 1. embarrassed, 2. border, 3. shocked, 4. befriend, 5. noticed, 6. appreciated

Our Teacher's Story

I. 1

V. 1. The boy was rude. Was the boy rude? 2. They thought it was fun to tease Lasha.Did they think it was fun to tease Lasha?3. They didn't want to be friends with her.Didn't they want to be friends with her?4. The teacher told her story.Did the teacher tell her story?

Peoples' Eyes Speak All Languages

I. 3


I. 2 II. 1. chance, 2. knew, 3. over-rated, 4. was ready to be cut, 5. push, 6. sticking to it

Tanya's Troubles

I. 1

V. 1. Did Tanya have to change schools? 2. Did parents forbid their children to talk with Tanya?3. Were her friends Уmade upФ like adults?4. Are they your friends?5. Was money vanishing from the house?6. Can my school accept you now?

The Boy and the Swimming Pool

V. 1. They swim in the pool. 2. They were so sorry. 3. They took him out of the water. 4. They are afraid of water. 5. They make fun of the boy.

The Cool Guys Aren't So Cool

II. A4, B3, C5, D1, E2

V. 1. He meets him before class. 2. He sees that the situation is stressful.3. Oleg wants to play with them.4. He is miserable on the first day.5. Ivan makes a stupid suggestion.

The Dream Came True

I. 1 V. A6, B3, C5, D1, E2, F4

The Kerchief and the Boys

I. 2 The Sun Glasses

II. A3, B5, C2, D6, E4, F1

The Teacher is my Protector

I. 3

II. 1. stumbled, 2. suppose, 3. bother, 4. praised, 5. awkward

This Cruel World

II. 1. similar, 2. cruel, 3. polite, 4. fault, 5. buddy, 6. envious

To Find Oneself

I. 2

II. 1. competition, 2. ignored, 3. valuable, 4. judged, 5. education, 6. participate, 7. embarrassed

V. 1. She knew about village life. 2. The country girl won first place.3. She had to move to the town.4. The girls judged her clothes.


II. 1. protected, 2. ridicule, 3. unconscious, 4. authority, 5. situation, 6. influence

Unusual Behavior

II. 1. hypochondria, 2. behavior, 3. nightmare, 4. irritable, 5. postgraduate

What Is Emo, Anyway?

V. A3, B6, C1, D5, E2, F4