First Step to Friendship
Alena Samarina, 15, Samara



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On the 1st of September I had my first day at school № 133. Earlier I had studied at school № 32, and had many friends and was at home there.

But then on that first day: new people, new faces, new school. I stayed alone in the corner and watched my future classmates talking to each other. They laughed and spoke loudly, but I was still alone.

The girls looked at me as if I were an alien from another world, strange and unusual. I felt that I would never have friends here.

The bell rang, and everyone came in the room. I was the last student. I sat alone at the back of the class. Nobody talked to me. I was so confused!!!

The next day, when I sat (again alone) on the chair in the back
and tried to prepare for my first lesson, one girl sat near me and said: “Hi! What’s your name?” The class had not yet started.

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Little by little, Anya and I started to laugh. We told jokes to each other, and my mood became better and better.

The next day and next week, we spent all our time together! So, in this way I made a new friend.

Anya cheered me up when I was lost and alone. She was the first who made the first step to our friendship. It was very important for me at that moment! I’m happy. We are still friends.


I. Understanding the Story
Why does Alena feel so unhappy in her new school?

II. Vocabulary
Match the words in bold to a word or phrase on the right.

A. alien                      1.get ready
B. unusual                 2. make someone happy
C. prepare                 3. stranger, foreigner
D. mood                     4. to be different, not the same
E. cheer me up         5. the way you feel, condition

III. Now you Talk
1. Discuss the problems of being new in any group, in or out of school.
2. What quality must Anya have in order to do what she did?
3. How old do you think Anya and Alena are?

IV. Now you Write
1. An email from Alena to a friend at her last school.
2. A summary of the story in five to seven sentences.

V. Role Play
1. The teacher and the writer: After school, the teacher asks her how she can help.
2. Anya and a friend: They talk about the new girl, Alena.
3. The writer and her brother: They talk about their first day in school.
4. The writer and Anya: They make plans for the weekend.