The Teacher is my Protector
Almina Malloosmanova, 15, Khasavyurt



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At the very beginning of attending our Access school I found myself in a difficult position: I was afraid to speak English. I didnt know English well and I thought that if I made a mistake while speaking, everybody would laugh at me. My teacher saw this and didn't bother me for a couple of lessons. Three days later he asked me to stay in the classroom after the class.

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Why do you feel so uncertain and nervous during the lesson?

I dont know. I suppose because I dont know the students well, I replied.

But why are you afraid to read and speak English? I know you are doing well, said my teacher.

I think that other students will laugh at me if I make a mistake.

My dear girl, you mustnt be afraid of the students. They are good children and I give you my word they are ready to help you if you make mistakes or do anything wrong. You mustnt be so shy. I think well start right now. Take your textbook and lets read together.

We began reading, retelling the story and speaking together. I tried hard to prepare for the next lesson and was waiting for the moment when I could show him that I wasnt a fool. At first I stumbled but then I became more confident and read quite well. He praised me and I realized that he understood my shyness and awkwardness and wanted to encourage me. I think we understand each other now. Now I attend school with much joy.


I. Understanding the Story
What is the lesson in this story?
1. Dont work hard.
2. The girl is not a good student.
3. Her teacher helped her to be brave in class.

II. Vocabulary
Complete the sentence with the best word in the list.
bother    suppose    stumbled    praised    awkward
1. She wasnt sure of her reading and _________________ over some words.
2. To think something without really knowing it is to _________________ .
3. At first he didnt want to ____________her about her English.
4. The teacher ________________her English.
5. If you aren't comfortable speaking English, you feel _______.

III. Now you Talk
In small groups, tell the story from beginning to end, taking turns.

IV. Now you Write
Write a short summary of this story.

V. Role Play
1. The teacher and the writer: They talk about her shyness.
2. The writer and her mother: They talk about her problems at school.
3. The writer and a new friend: They make friends after class.
4. The writer and her brother: They argue over the importance of learning English.