A Brave Boy
Delgr Adyaeva, 15, Elista


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Im sure that all people are equal. Tim is my classmate. He came to our school four years ago. He was not only shy, but he was physically disabled. He cant write with his right hand and it is difficult for him to write with his other, but he must.

One day some boys in the class laughed at him. You are strange! they said. Then two others said, Alien! Extraterrestrial!!

They didnt want to communicate with him. I was so sorry for him. It was very difficult for him to study in our class. Our teacher said, Its so silly, boys! He is a very good guy. The girls agreed with her.

This year we study in the 10th form. We became older and wiser. Tim is everyones friend now. Everyone chats with him.

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Tim is courageous and I admire him. I think that those boys who didnt understand him last year now admire him too. We all learned to respect him, even though he is different.


I. Understanding the Story
Discuss this storys main idea with a partner.

II. Vocabulary
Explore and explain these words with a partner.
1. equal
2. disabled
3. alien
4. extraterrestrial

III. Now you Talk
1. Discuss all the disabilities that you know about.
2. What would you have done if you were in Tims class?
3. What else could the teacher have done?

IV. Now you Write
1. Write about this event from Tim's point of view.
2. Write a dialogue between Tim and the writer of the story.

V. Role Play
1. Tim and the writer: Making friends.
2. Tim and his mother: They talk about his troubles at school.
3. The writer and the mean boys: He tells them to stop being mean.
4. Tim and two girls: The girls want to be friends with Tim.