A Blue Pencil
Gulnaz Akhmetzyanova, 16, Ufa



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Alice was drawing a picture, but she had only one blue pencil. She decided to ask her classmate for a green pencil. But Dasha was very rude to Alice. I am not sure, but maybe Alice is poor. I am sure that Dasha is rich.

When they handed in their pictures to the teacher, she was surprised. Alices picture was drawn with only a blue pencil. Alice, why did you draw a picture in blue with no other colors?

I am sorry, teacher, but I have only one pencil, and it is blue." said Alice. I asked Dasha to loan me a green pencil, but she said no.

The teacher was surprised, Dasha is usually kind. But then the teacher learned from other classmates that Dasha was often rude with her classmates.

The next day, before class, the teacher said to Alice, I want you to have these pencils so that you can draw pictures with many colors.

Alice was so happy and she shared her new pencils with other pupils in her class. The other girls were kind to her and helped her too.

The students didn't speak to Dasha all that day. The next day Dasha went to Alice, I am sorry for being stingy. I know that is a very bad thing. Please forgive me. Dasha had learned a lesson.


I. Understanding the Story
What do you think is the main idea?

II. Vocabulary Practice
Choose a word on the right that is an antonym (word with an opposite meaning) to a word on the left.

A. rude   
1. generous
B. hand in
2. borrow
C. loan
3. kind
D. share
4. receive
E. stingy
5. keep for oneself

III. Now you Talk
1. Recall a time when someone was stingy or generous to you.
2. What do you think about what Dasha did?
3. How should the teacher help Dasha?

IV. Now you Write
1. A letter to Dasha to help her.
2. Create a dialogue between Dasha and Alice, about a week after the story.
3. Write a letter to Dasha's mother. Ask her to talk to Dasha about sharing.

V. Chronology
Put these statements in order by numbering them 1-5.
A. _____ The other students said that Dasha was rude to classmates.
B. _____ Alice had only one pencil.
C. _____ The teacher gave Alice new colored pencils.
D. _____ Dasha did not loan a pencil to Alice.
E. _____ Alice handed in her blue drawing.

VI. Role Play
1. Dasha and Alice: Alice asks Dasha for a pencil.
2. Teacher and Alice: The teacher asks Alice about her singlecolor drawing.
3. Two students: They talk about Dasha or Alice.
4. Dasha and her mother: Her mother talks to her about being generous.