My Savior
Kate Volkova, 14, Novocherkassk



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Last year a new girl came to our dance club. Her name was Jane. My friends thought that she was a little crazy. One girl said, Look at that funny haircut. She surely is ugly.

Another girl, Larisa, said, Let's call her 'crazy hair'. They teased her every day. I didn't like that, but I said nothing.

Once in the evening I came back home, and I heard something behind me. I turned around and saw a big dog. I started running. The dog ran after me. I was scared and I fell down.

From the crossroad came a girl, and she scared the dog away with a stick and loud words. Then I heard, Kate, is that you? It was Jane. She saved me. I could not thank her enough.

From that time on, we became very good friends. Soon other girls became nicer to Jane and made friends with her. They didn't call her crazy hair again. Actually, I like her haircut.


I. Understanding the Story
Discuss this story's main idea with a partner.

II. Vocabulary
Explain and explore these words in bold with a partner.
1. What does actually mean in the last sentence?
2. Why do people tease a small child?
3. What happens at a crossroad?

IIa. More Vocabulary
Choose an antonym (opposite word) for words in bold. Example:
The dog was behind me. The dog was in front of me.
quiet normal pretty friendly
1. They said the haircut was ugly.
2. The dog was scary.
3. Jane said loud words.
4. They said her hair was crazy.

III. Now you Talk
1. How can you influence children who bully others?
2. Why didn't Kate say something when the girls teased Jane?
3. Does a teacher usually know that this bullying is happening?

IV. Now you Write
1. Write a letter to the mothers of the children about their behavior.
2. Write a paragraph describing the dog incident, but add details.

V. Role Play
1. Jane and two girls: They tease her about her hair.
2. The writer and one girl: Kate suggests they be more friendly to Jane.
3. The writer and Jane: They talk after the dog scare.
4. The writer and her father: They talk about the dog and Jane.
5. The writer, Jane, and one girl: They become friendly a week later.