The Boy and the Swimming Pool
Katya Naumova, 15, Samara



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It was five years ago. I was at the swimming pool. One little boy in our group, Ivan, was afraid of water, but our coach threw him in anyway. He cried! All the boys laughed at him. He cried more.

I felt really sorry for him. It was his phobia. Our coach made fun of him. After four months his parents took him from the swimming club. I hope that now he doesnt fear water! And I think that this event in his life helped him become stronger.


I. Understanding the Story
With a partner, talk about the main idea.

II. Vocabulary
With a partner, answer the questions.
1. What is a phobia?
2. For what sport might you have a coach?
3. Name a recent important event.

III. Now you Talk
Discuss any phobias you know.

IV. Now you Write
Write a short summary of this story.

V. Grammar Practice
Change the subject of each sentence to they and change the
verb to agree with the subject, if necessary. Example: He goes to
the school. They go to the school.
1. He swims in the pool.
2. She was so sorry.
3. His friend takes him out of the water.
4. He is afraid of water.
5. He makes fun of the boy.

VI. Role Play
1. Ivan and the coach: The couch wants Ivan to get in the water.
2. Ivan and two boys: They tease him about the water.
3.The writer and Ivan: She tries to help him.
4. Ivan's father and the coach: The father complains to the coach.
5. The father and two boys: He tells them they must not tease others.