Being an Emo
Milyausha Murzabaeva, 16, Ufa



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Sometimes we don't like it when a friend changes. Liana has been my friend since we were children. We always liked the same things, the same dresses, and the same kind of music. But one day she said, I want to be an 'emo'.

I knew about this style but I didnt like it. Emos are teenagers that wear pink and black clothes, and listen to what I think is ugly music. Emo is a style of clothes, a lifestyle, and it is very popular all over the world.

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I said, Liana, I don't want you to become an emo. Sorry, but that's what I want, she replied She became an emo. I was surprised that her parents didnt disapprove. I was still friends with her, but in her school her classmates and other friends became mean to her. They didnt like her new style. She was really sad. I was surprised that she didnt change her views. She just started wearing other clothes and made friends with other emos. I became sad too but I still tried to support her.

Liana liked her new style, her new friends, but was having a hard time with her classmates. Her parents advised her, Stay an emo and change schools. I thought it was a good idea, except maybe her new classmates will hurt her too just because she doesnt look like them.

Eventually she found a solution. She just explained to her friends what an emo is and they understood her. In that way she made friends with her classmates again. She is still an emo and she is still in her old school.


I. Understanding the Story
With a partner, answer the questions.
1. How does Liana change?
2. How is this accepted by her classmates?
3. What solution do her parents suggest?
4. How does Liana solve the problem?

II. Vocabulary
Complete the sentences with the best word.
solution advised supported surprised lifestyle
1. Emo is a type of __________________ .
2. My parents ______________________ me to help her.
3. I _______________ her even when she became an emo.
4. Everyone was _______________________ by her new clothes.
5. The ______________ her parents suggested was to change schools.

III. Now you Talk
1. What do you think about the emo lifestyle?
2. Describe that lifestyle.
3. How would your parents react if you wanted to be an emo?

IV. Now you Write
1. Describe the emo lifestyle.
2. Write a letter to your grandmother, explaining why you are an emo.

V. Role Play
1. Liana and the writer: They argue about Liana choosing to be an emo.
2. Liana and her parents: She convinces them.
3. The writer and her brother: He complains about Liana.
4. Two students and the writer: They ask about Liana.
5. Liana and the writer: They talk about her moving to another school.