My Second Home
Natia Ivardava, 14, Samara



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In September I was scared and really worried. It was the first day in a new school. I was totally confused. I am not sociable and I am shy. I didnt know anyone.

I didnt know what I should do in this situation. I stayed in the same place like a statue. Then suddenly two girls approached and one said, Hi, I'm Marina and this is Ira.

I said, I am Natia. I'm pleased to meet you. After that I felt calm and in a few weeks I made new friends.

Since then this school has become my second home. The teachers are like mothers; they think about our future, help us to survive and solve problems. All of us learn French and English or German and English. It is hard but since everyone accepts each other, we can learn together.


I. Understanding the Story
What do you think is the main idea?
1. It is easy to make friends.
2. The right school can be a wonderful place.
3. It is hard to learn two languages.

II. Vocabulary
1. Why was Natia confused?
2. When do you feel like a statue?
3. Is it good to be calm? Why?

III. Now you Talk
1. What are the problems of changing schools?
2. Describe yourself. Are you sociable? Shy? Outgoing? Fearful? Confident?
3. Talk about the difficulties of learning one or more foreign languages.

IV. Now you Write
Write about a time, real or imaginary, when you went to a new school, camp, club, or team.

V. Role Play
1. The writer, Ira, and Marina: They meet for the first time.
2. The writer and the French teacher: They discuss joining the French class.
3. The writer and her father: He questions her about the new school.