Nina Bazan, 13, Novocherkassk



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People who dont know me well sometimes call me botanic. I think it happens because I get only As in my studies. I love to read and often take part in different competitions. However, I don't think I am a botanic. In my opinion a botanic is a person who doesnt like to go walking or play sports but only likes to study, study and study.

One day I left the library and on my way I met a boy from my yard. His name was Victor. There were some books in my bag and when he saw them, he began to laugh.

I asked him, Whats up? Why are you laughing?

Hee, Hee! You are a botanic! Do you know this, Nina?

I was annoyed when I heard it, but I answered, Of course, I know. Im a botanic. I do love studying! Everyone in our city knows this. I mean clever people. Have you any other questions?"

He was upset because he didn't succeed with his joke. OK, I understand. I have no more questions. Bye!

From this day on, I understood one important thing if anybody says something to make you sad and depressed, agree with this person. Say you agree and then they don't know what to
say. They won't laugh at you.

Now, to all rude questions I answer: Yes, Im so. Have you any other questions?


I. Understanding the Story
Write in one sentence the main idea.

II. Vocabulary
With a partner, write a new sentence with these words.
1. botanic
2. library
3. clever
4. succeed
5. depressed

III. Now you Talk
1. What is a botanic to you?
2. What can you do if someone calls you a name you don't like?
3. What did the narrator do to Victor to stop him?

IV. Now you Write
Summarize what the narrator says to Victor to stop his rudeness, and then give your opinion of that approach to the problem.

V. Grammar Practice
Change the verb from past to present continuous. Example: He played basketball. He is playing basketball.
1. He called me a botanic.
2. She laughed at him.
3. I studied English.
4. I went to the library.

VI. Role Play
1. Tanya and her teacher: They talk about her next competition.
2. Victor and the narrator: He teases her.
3. The narrator and her mother: They discuss her answer to Victor.
4. Victor and a friend: They talk about Nina.