Friends Forever
Saltanat Mazhidova, 14, Khasavyurt



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I live in a small street in Khasavyurt which is in the North of Dagestan. We know everybody in our street and are always ready to help each other in a difficult moment. Two years ago a new family moved into a neighboring house. They were Russian and came here from Rostov. There were three of them: a father, a mother and an 11-year-old daughter, Natasha.

She didnt go out often so she didnt know any children in our street. I decided to get acquainted with her. She was a good girl and we started to meet regularly and speak about things we were interested in.

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Once she asked me if the boys in my school protected us from other boys who were not nice to us. I answered that they always protected us and were ready to help. I asked her why she asked me about this but she didnt answer.

One day she asked me to meet her at her school. When I went to her classroom, the teacher said that all the students were in the schoolyard. I went there and saw that two boys were teasing Natasha but her classmates pretended not to see this. I started shouting at those boys to make them stop teasing Natasha. At that moment some of the boys came to help and the mean boys ran away.

Later I asked Natasha why she hadnt told me about it before. She said that those boys were mean to her because she was the only Russian in the class. She was afraid to complain. She thought that we wouldnt be friends if I knew about that. I said that I would never betray her because I was her friend and friends were not left alone in trouble.

We are still good friends and always protect each other.


I. Understanding the Story
What do you think is the main idea in this story?

II. Vocabulary
Complete the sentence with the best word in the list.
acquainted, teasing, pretended, mean, complain, betray
1. The two girls became ___________________ with each other.
2. The boys were _________________ the Russian girl.
3. If you __________________ a friend, it means you turn against and hurt her.
4. She didnt want to __________________ to the teacher.
5. The boys were _______________ and cruel, when they teased Natasha.
6. The other children did not help and _________________ it wasnt happening.

III. Now you Talk
Share a time when you wanted to help a friend.

IV. Now you Write
1. Write an email from Natasha to the author, saying the situation is now better.
2. Write a paragraph about the importance of helping friends.

V. Role Play
1. Natasha and the writer: They make friends.
2. The writer and her father: They talk about her new friend who is Russian.
3. The writer and two boys: She tells them it is mean to tease. They respond.
4. Natasha and the teacher: They talk about the situation in the school yard.
5. Natasha and her mother: They talk about the situation in the school yard.