An Unusual Friendship
Sofa Bunimovich, 13, Kazan



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Things change quickly. One morning in September a girl came into our class. The teacher said Good morning everyone. I want to introduce you to to Keira. She has just arrived from Vancouver, Canada.

She was tall with big glasses and was carrying many books. She also wore a funny-looking dress. After the classes we talked to our teacher. We were not happy as we already had more girls in our class than boys.

The next day, she walked toward me and I met her with a cold look. She sat by me. (Why me again?!) She said, Hello. My name is Keira. What's your name? I already knew her name. I told her mine. She smiled at me.

One week later, things had already changed. We could tell that Keira was very smart! She was the most intelligent girl in our class! Because she was very shy, she didnt talk to my classmates; its only our teachers and sometimes me who were in touch with her. She sat next to me and helped me a lot.

Two weeks later, more changes. My classmate Tom came to me and said that I shouldnt be friends with Keira. I asked why. He said: Because you are a boy! You cant be friends with some stupid foreign girl!

I answered: Then it is my problem, not yours! Why should I listen to you at all? I think that Tom didnt like my answer, because we had a fight.

The next day I came to school and sat next to Keira again. She knew what happened the day before. She said, Maybe we should no longer be friends and she moved to another desk.

I followed her and said, Dont pay attention to those stupid boys. We are still friends, right?! She smiled and nodded. I hope that our friendship will never end!


I. Understanding the Story
With a partner, discuss what you think is the main idea.

II. Vocabulary
Complete the sentence with the word/s closest in meaning to the word in bold.
1. introduce She __________ her to us. a) told b) presented c) helped
2. nodded to Keira _________ Sofa. a) refused b) thought c) agreed with
3. pay attention to They _________ her. a) watch b)hurt c) take
4. foreign Keira was _________ . a) rude b) lovely c) unknown
5. cold look We gave her a _________ . a) bad reception b) prize c) sweet

III. Now you Talk
1. Why is a friendship between a boy and girl unusual?
2. What is Tom's problem with the writer's friendship with Keira?
3. What would you have done if you had been the writer or Keira?
4. Describe the three characters: the writer, Keira, Tom.

IV. Now you Write
1. Write a letter or an email from Keira to a friend in Canada.
2. Write a summary of the story.
3. Write an interview with Keira by a reporter from the school paper.

V. Role Play
1. Keira and the writer: She is helping him with his English homework.
2. Keira and her sister: Keira tells about her first week in the new school.
3. Tom and the writer: They argue about his friendship with Keira.
4. Keira and the writer: She tries to break off the friendship.
5. The writer and his father: The writer tells him about Keira.