New Girl
Tatiana Kegich, 14, Novocherkassk



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Last school year a new girl came to our class. Her name was Anna. She didnt communicate with anybody. My friend asked me, What? Do you think she is scared of us? We didn't know why she acted the way she did.

My classmates didnt like that girl. She didnt study very well, but she knew one subject. It was French. When we went to the French class we all asked her different questions about the French language. She would talk to us then.

Now we know French better. But she knows French best of all. She taught us a lot. Merci beaucoup (as they say in France).


I. Understanding the Story
Write the main idea of the story in a sentence.

II. Vocabulary
With a partner, answer the questions about these words.
1. communicate: Why is it difficult to communicate with some people?
2. subject: Which subjects in school do you like?
3. merci beaucoup: Guess what this French phrase means.

III. Now you Talk
1. Why didn't the students like Anna?
2. Talk about what makes one student better in a subject?

IV. Now you Write
Write a full description of Anna. Add your own details.

V. Grammar Practice
Change the pronouns to plural and make the verbs agree.
Example: She comes to our class. They come to our class.
1. She is scared of us.
2. He doesn't like her.
3. She knows French better.

VI. Role Play
1. Anna and the writer: They talk about their classmates.
2. A boy and a girl: They talk about Anna.
3. Anna and the writer: They discuss French.
4. The teacher and the class: They talk about studying French.
5. The writer and Anna: Anna teaches thank you in French.