The Cool Guys Aren't So Cool
Timur Galimov, 13, Kazan



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A whole group of kids were transfered from another school. One day in the boys' room after our physical education class one of my classmates said a really stupid thing.

Ivan said, Those new kids! I don't think we should speak to them. We need to show them that we are united.

One of his friends agreed, We don't want anyone else joining in our group.

Some boys agreed. My friends and I didnt say anything.

Soon we had one of the newcomers, Oleg, in our class. Ivan's group of boys wouldnt talk to him, but we did. I think that when a person comes to a new place, it is really hard for him and it is stressful. Besides, if nobody speaks to him he will be miserable. It also seems to me that every person can teach you something good. So if you have a lot of friends then you are very clever! So my suggestion is: Meet new friends!

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After a while those cool boys saw that they were mistaken. They were the ones who felt left out, like outsiders, because our new boy was such a fountain of knowledge and fun!


I. Understanding the Story
With a partner, write down what you think is the main idea.

II. Vocabulary
Match the words in bold with the best synonyms/definitions.

A. transfer
1. very unhappy or uncomfortable
B. stupid
2. wrong, in error
C. stressful
3. not smart, ignorant
D. miserable
4. to change, to move
E. mistaken
5. under pressure, difficult

III. Now you Talk
1. Describe Oleg by using adjectives (add some that are not in the story).
2. What does it mean to be cool to you? What do cool guys wear? How do cool guys act?

IV. Now you Write
1. Write about a time when you were new somewhere.
2. Write about a time when you wanted to help a new person.
3. Email your cousin telling about this situation.

V. Grammar Practice
Change the past tense to the present tense. Change other words if necessary. Example: She cried in the classroom. She cries in the classroom.
1. He met him before class.
2. He saw that the situation was stressful.
3. Oleg wanted to play with them.
4. He was miserable on the first day.
5. Ivan made a stupid suggestion.

VI. Role Play
1. The cool guys: They talk about refusing to talk to anyone new.
2. Oleg and another transfer: They talk about fitting in with others.
3. The writer and a friend: They don't want to act unfriendly.
4. The writer and Oleg: They meet and talk about sports.
5. The writer and Oleg: In two years, they meet again.