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I’d like to tell you about my friend as an example. Her name is Masha. She has always wanted to study foreign languages, because they are very interesting. Besides, in her opinion the knowledge of foreign languages gives a person many advantages, opens a way to the future, and extends opportunities.

So she was very happy that she entered the Institute. But after some time she recognized that she knew absolute nothing about English (without exaggeration). Though Masha tried hard, she wasn't able to improve. So her study hung by a thread.

Fortunately an outstanding teacher was recommended for some extra lessons. My friend exerted herself and was back on track in a short time.

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Everyone must have persistence, patience and a wish to seek more in life. Where there is a will there is a way.


I. Understanding the Story
What do you think is the main idea?
1. How hard it is to learn a foreign language.
2. It is important to work hard to succeed.
3. Masha was not intelligent.

II. Vocabulary
Choose the definition that is closest to the word in bold.
knew push was ready to be cut chance sticking to it overrated
1. She wanted the opportunity to study languages.
2. I recognized what her problems were.
3. She never exaggerated about her talent as a language learner.
4. Her friend's language-learning life hung by a thread.
5. To learn a foreign language, you must really exert yourself.
6. Persistence helped her to become better in languages.

III. Now you Talk
Retell this story in your own words.

IV. Now you Write
1. Write a paragraph about your opinion of this story.
2. Write an email from Masha to a friend about this situation.

V. Role Play
1. Masha and the writer: They talk about entering the language institute.
2. Masha and the teacher: The teacher talks to her about her bad grades.
3. Masha and her father: They talk about how she can do better.