Childs Cruelty
Victor Kiktenko, 14, Novocherkassk



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I study at the technical lyceum in Russia. Usually classes are so friendly with new pupils. But there are many conflicts with them too. This year a new girl came to our class. Her name was Dasha. At the first part of the year she was humiliated by her classmates. She thought, Why are they so cruel to me? And one day one boy started to treat her badly, even spat on her clothes because he thought that she was stupid and emotional.

But I didnt think so. In my opinion she was not stupid. After those sad days, she was so shocked. I was sitting with her at one desk. I tried to say to her that she should ignore this. But every day my classmates told her, You are so stupid, you are like a boy. It was not the first incident with the new pupils. Dasha was not the first. Some time earlier another incident in our class happened with an Armenian girl - Shushan. It was the same!

The main thing in this situation is to support people because they need it. And I did, I talked with her and the classmates. They stopped teasing Dasha. That sad story ended happily.


I. Understanding the Story
What is the main idea?

II. Vocabulary
Explain these words to a partner.
1. technical
2. conflicts
3. humiliated

III. Now you Talk
With a partner, discuss other problems in classes.

IV. Now you Write
Write an email to Dasha saying you are sorry about these events.

V. Role Play
1. Dasha and the writer: They talk about the cruel boy.
2. Dasha and her mother: Her mother talks to her daughter about the situation.
3. Teacher and Dasha's mother: They make a plan to improve the situation.