Never Satisfied
Yamilya Gaitbayeva, 16, Ufa



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Our class has had several teachers. I am embarrassed to say that we don't appreciate them when they are with us. Then when a new teacher comes, we like the departing teacher better than the new one. We are never satisfied. When our class moved into the 6th form, our favorite teacher got a higher position. Our new teacher, Mr. Bazan, was about 40 years old. We had gotten used to our old teacher and it was difficult for us to accept Mr. Bazan.

We didn't respect him the whole three years. He was a history teacher and we never listened to him. Boys in our class had a bad attitude toward him and treated him like he was our age. The last year of his work with us we began to accept him and some of us tried to listen to his lessons. He became our real friend and we could make jokes with him and laugh.

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When we went to the 9th form, after working one month with us, Mr. Bazan also got a higher position. When he was leaving it was really very sad and we were very sorry. We were very sorry that Mr. Bazan, our friend indeed, wouldnt be with us any more. Some of the girls even cried.

So, you see, sometimes its really very difficult to enter a group, even if you are a teacher.

Now we have a new class teacher, Mr. Ilnur. Hes about 30- 35 years old, and we dont accept him either. During his lessons we dont listen to him at all, even worse than before. It's embarrassing for me to admit this. I hope that soon everything will be better.


I. Understanding the Story
Choose one of these.
1. Students usually don't like teachers.
2. Often we don't appreciate what we have.
3. Teachers never dislike students.

II. Vocabulary
Make a new sentence with the five words in bold. Example for
the word respect: The teacher respected the students.
1. embarrassed
2. appreciate
3. departing
4. accept
5. attitude

III. Now you Talk
1. A time when your class didn't like a teacher.
2. Why does a class show disrespect to a teacher?
3. How would you feel if you were the teacher?

IV. Now you Write
1. A letter to a former teacher that you now respect more.
2. A description of the perfect (or near-perfect) teacher.
3. A description of the perfect student.

V. Role Play
1. Mr. Bazan and students: They talk about how to treat the next teacher.
2. Two respectful students: Plan to teach others to be nicer to the teacher.
3. Two students: Talk about how they will miss Mr. Bazan.
4. Mr. Bazan and Mr. Ilnur: They give each other advice about students.
5. The writer and first teacher: They talk about a new teacher coming.