How I Changed my Opinion about a Person
Anna Kalyuzhina, 15, Novocherkassk



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This is a story about my classmates. A new girl, Irina, was in our class. She wasnt a bad girl, but she was of another nationality. Her hair didn't look like ours did. She didn't study in her last class and made many mistakes. Maybe that is why our classmates didnt like her. She never did homework. Some girls complained to the teacher.

Our teachers constantly made remarks to her, and that got boring for us. My classmates laughed at her and teased her. At a school meeting our teacher told our parents about it. That night, my mother asked, Anna, I want you to be nice to Irina. The teacher said she has no friends. I thought about it and decided to try to be her friend.

The next day, I talked with Irina. I found her to be nice and kind. She liked music like I do. She liked shopping too. We became friends. I helped her with her homework and she began
to study better.

I talked with my classmates about Irina. After that, they began to talk with her too. We all learned from our mistake of judging another.

I. Understanding the Story
Write what you think is the main idea.

II. Vocabulary
Complete these sentences with the following words.
nationality constantly remarks teased complained
1. The teacher made ___________________ about her studying.
2. The girls ____________________ Irina about her hair.
3. They ____________________ that she didn't do her homework.
4. She was not of their ____________________________ .
5. The teacher _____________________ told her to study more.

III. Now you Talk
1. When have you changed your opinion?
2. How does a poor student become a good student?
3. What activities do you enjoy with friends?
4. How did Anna help Irina?

IV. Now you Write
1. Write a summary of the story.
2. Write a dialogue between Anna and Irina.

V. Role Play
1. The writer and another girl: They talk about Irina's hair.
2. Teacher and Anna's mother: Teacher asks her to help Irina.
3. Anna and her mother: They talk about Irina.
4. The writer and two classmates: She tells them to be kinder to Irina.