Tatiana Balyasnikova



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We all learned from our mistake of judging another

My name is Tatiana Ivanovna.I was born in Samarskaya region. After school I had graduated our pedagogical Institute and became a teacher of the English language. I should say that I like my profession very much. I travelled a lot in my life as my husband was a military man. We lived in Estonia, Cuba, Kamchatka. The last place of living was Magadan where we had been living for 14 years and working as a teacher. It is a great town with its own beauties. I advise you to visit it too. A last I have returned to my native town Samara. I am very happy. I have already been living here for 3 years and working as an English teacher at school number 150. There I have my class. When I took it I met many difficulties with which I would have to fight. The main one was the nationality. In fact I was shocked because I lived in different places with different nationalities and we all had good relations and didnt have any problems in communication. But in my class we had a great problem. There is a lovely girl, called Karolina in my class. She is armenian. Unforturenately nobody wanted to sit with her, to be friends with her and to communicate. Some boys hated her and made a lot of harm. They were rude to her. They were intolerant of Karolina. They took her bag and tore her copy- books. They thought it was fun to tease Karolina. She cried very often.

Once they went to the cloak-room, made her jacket dirty and dropped it on the floor. Nobody stopped them. It was awful! I had to talk with the boys parents. Of course, they apologized but the boys didnt stop to mock at her. I created a strategy to solve this problem. We criticized bad behavior of the boys during our classes. We talked a lot how to be tolerant of each other. I asked the pupils to be nice with Karolina. Karolina felt that she would never have friends here. She sat alone at the back of the class. Nobody talked to her. She was so confused! One day one girl sat with her. She was Anya. Little by little Anya and Karolina started to laugh and Karolinas mood became better and better. After that they spend all their time together. So Karolina made a friend. Anya was the first who made the first step to their friendship. She found her to be nice and kind. Later the others began to talk with her too.

At the end Id like to say that the nations are different, the languages are different, but there are some things which unite all of our nationalities: they are hospitality, understanding and kindness. All people must learn such serious and important things like tolerance. No matter what nationality you are, you are always welcome in any place or family. Be tolerant of each other and learn from your mistakes of no judging another.